Austrlia Skyscraper

My first time in Australia

The beginning of a new life

I was just a young boy of just 17 when I embarked on a journey that made me made me reflect on my role in the world. In November 2016 I decided that I would spend the Christmas break in Australia. I found myself after 24/25 hours of travel, tired and shaken to face different people, different buildings and a different climate. (All I could expect from my life except that I would never have a tan at Christmas) In all honesty this was my first important trip away from home and with a conscience that was slowly forming .. .. I write these words 3 years later and I do not regret what I did and now that my life has gone on and everything that has forced me to make changes I recognize that this experience has integrated to form the man that I am Today.
The "Vision"
Needless to say, a different language, different people, buildings, shops, different parks remain etched in a person's mind (and it's true!) .. But the event that sparked the spark inside me during a "visit "not" programmed ". During an evening in the streets of Melbourne, a friend of my cousin had to go back to the office in the evening to get something and asked us to come with him .. Curious (as always) to see and discover all aspects of people's lives they live here (and not just remain a tourist) we decided in an abusive way to enter the office. I found myself in the Hall of this immense gratitude and I noticed two sculptures that have remained in my mind. We climbed up to the 34th floor and found blackboards, writing furnished in various different ways from which it seems possible to deduce the life of every single employee and finally to approach the window and observe the city illuminated by thousands of lights of houses and stairs like that where I was .. and there I realized .. here is my place in the world! Immersed in life, immersed in technology, immersed in the sky. It's only when you start to feel familiar in a place where you've never been that you discover who you are and that environment becomes a goal. All I can say years after this my first experience is simply an invitation to move, search, discover and above all not to be afraid of knowing the world,
Move, Search, Discover, do not be afraid to know the world

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